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So, I guess there's a time and place for everything, even creating communication tools heretofore without my contemplation. That's where I am. This is my crude attempt to start a blog .... a true recording of our quickly approaching two week sail to and around the the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. 'Trip begins June 8 & goes thru June 29.

Altogether, there must be close to 25 of us on this adventure. Three rather large sailboats have been leased for these two weeks, two Catamarans and one sloop rigged monohull. No hired Captain or crew - we are they. Each boat is about 40' - 50' +/- and have 4 cabins each, sleeping 8 per boat (shall we say close but cozy). .... Did I mention this closeness and coziness continues for two weeks? Ok, there are downsides to continual communal living, but in my experience they pale in comparison to the benefits.

This all began about 10 years ago, when a group of my friends, experienced sailors all, decided to sail the Chesapeake Bay for a week. I was invited to go, but being uber committed to work (then), declined. BIG mistake. Anyway, things progressed from there and the event grew and grew over the ensuing years. It also soon became known as "Admiral Jimmy's Fleet." (more on that later).

Anyway, over the years, the somewhat amorphous group sailed the following waters (in approximately chronological - sans any guarantees - order):

1998: Chesapeake Bay

1999 Bermuda

2000 Key West/Dry Tortuga's

2003 Penobscot Bay, Maine

2005 British Virgin Islands (BVI)

2006 North Carolina Outer Banks

2007 BVI (reprise)

Which brings me now to, the 800 pound gorilla of Admiral Jimmy's Fleet, the rapidly approaching Croatia sail. This had its genesis during the 2005 BVI sail, when a few stalwart dreamers began contemplating where would be the greatest and neatest place to launch the fleet. Those knowledgeable in such matters rather quickly identified Croatia as the place to go.... some of the best sailing waters in the world, rich with clear water, rife with history, constant breezes, still relatively affordable (recession & exchange rate further helped on this front), and - coup de gras- one of the last "unspoiled" European vacation areas.

Thus, now we are where we are. 'More to follow.

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