Monday, May 11, 2009

Admiral Jimmy

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A little now on the fleet's namesake ..... pictured above. Jimmy is the father of John, skipper of the catamaran Yo & I will be sailing on. Jimmy's been on most of the fleet sails over the past 10 or so years.

But he wasn't always known as "Admiral Jimmy." As lore has it, the moniker came about thus. On one of the early sails, once underway, the senior sailors (i.e. the honchos on the sail) were having a spirited discussion over mission critical elements of the next day's sail. As the story goes, little progress was being achieved toward consensus.

In an effort to bring things to a conclusion, son John opted to exert his authority by declaring something to the effect that "Well, I'm the Captain of this boat!"

Whereupon, others opined .... " Well, John may be the Captain, but Jimmy's the Admiral!"

Henceforth and forever more, Jimmy has been known as Admiral Jimmy, a name quickly extended to the entire fleet - Admiral Jimmy's Fleet.

PS. Before you discard this as senior silliness, The Moorings, a worldwide company that leases sailboats at popular sailing waters around the world, including where we're sailing in Croatia, now recognizes Admiral Jimmy's Fleet, along with the asssociated fleet discounts.

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