Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dinner at Augusta Insula

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June 19, 2009

Tonight, the entire fleet had dinner at the restaurant adjacent to where we were docked on Lastovo. We were greeted by Luka, who was simultaneously the dock master, our Lastovo tour advisor and dinner menu maitre-de. He did an excellent job in each capacity. We placed our order late in the afternoon, the selection being based on what was available dockside that day from the returning fishing boats.
Luka made it clear that the meal was to be prepared and served family style rather than individual orders. Our boat’s order was appetizers consisting of grilled shrimp on skewers, octopus salad and cheese covered mixed vegetables. Our entrée was Peka grilled fresh sea bass and red snapper, with sides of potatoes and vegetables. I had to be educated on this technique, learning that it entailed preparing the dish on a shallow metal pan, with a domed metal lid. Everything is then slowly cooked over hot wood coals. It was to die for.
Our meal was served on an open air balcony overlooking Zaklopatica bay about sunset. Altogether, our crowd filled three tables, so we had the entire balcony to ourselves.

PS: A little more now on Joseph, from Toto Restaurant on St Klement. We’ve just learned that in 2008, Joseph, an accomplished classical pianist, was the Grand Prize winner at the prestigious Zagreb International Music Festival. As a result, he was offered a full ride music scholarship to Julliard in New York City. Being the total means of support for his invalid mother and four younger siblings, this opportunity must wait for a later time.

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