Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Shaky Start

There’s something inherently disconcerting about peering thru the glass of our departure gate onto the tarmac in Philadelphia, studying the majesty of the 767 that will whisk us across the pond to begin this odyssey. Not that 767’s are disconcerting, you see, it’s when the 50 ‘ High Reach pulls up, and antlike workers begin pulling off visible chunks of the tail that the disconcerting part starts.
That’s how we began. After an uneventful flight from Orlando, we arrived at our gate in Philly for a 6:15 PM departure to Zurich. Around 5:45, they announced there was some ongoing maintenance that would delay departure by, maybe, 30 – 45 minutes. No big deal.
45 minutes became 90 minutes, which became 2 hours. ‘Long and short of it was we didn’t get off until about 10:30, over 4 hours later than scheduled.
‘Which put us into Zurich about mid-day, jet-lagged, un-rested and grouchy. We explored the Zurich HB train station, one of the largest in Europe, since we felt we needed to know the lay of the land, so to speak, when we depart Zurich Thursday morning at 7:40. Then John & Mary departed for Bern & Yvonne & I made our way to the hotel.

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  1. That delay makes mom & dad's delay look like nothing... that is the only think i hate about flying... the delays!!!!