Saturday, June 27, 2009


June 26, 2009

We spent today in Dubrovnik’s old town, a walled medieval city dating back 1000 years. We ponyed up the admission and walked the entire 2 1/2 mile perimeter of the wall, probably climbing 500 feet above sea level in the process, affording great views in many directions. Dubrovnik can hold its own with any of the old medieval cities in Europe. But, like these others, it can be crowded and noisy during high tourist season, which it was today. There were the ever-present amorphous groups led by whistle-blowing, umbrella-toting tour guides.
It contrasted substantially with our to-date Croatian experience. We returned for our last night aboard the Libertas, tired and clearly not ready for prime time touristy sight-seeing.

PS: We’ve learned that Joseph, from Toto, supplements the family income by playing electric guitar and being the lead singer in a rock band playing at one of the local hot spots in nearby Hvar Town.

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