Saturday, June 6, 2009

They Say Getting There's Half the Fun

We all fervently hope this is true! Here’s our plan. We don’t actually get onto our boat in Marina, Croatia until Saturday, June 13. But we’re leaving almost a week early, to start our vacation in Switzerland. (Hence, the Switzerland map.) Why Switzerland, you may ask? Well, our traveling companions, John and Mary McKey from Tampa, have kids & grandkids in Bern, so we’re starting out from Switzerland. We leave Orlando on Monday, June 9, and arrive in Zurich Tuesday AM. Whereupon, John & Mary (J&M) catch a train to Bern while Yvonne & I knock around Zurich for two days. On Thursday morning, we reunite at the Zurich train station for a long train ride to Split, on the Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. This almost 24 hour train tour takes us thru Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Austria, Germany, Slovenia, and Croatia. (Yes, we do have sleeper car berths for the PM hours.) We arrive in Split the following morning (Friday AM). This gives us a day to explore Split, a very medieval city dating back to the first centuries AD. Friday night, we have reservations for a really cool sounding villa in Split, Villa Matejuska, a UNESCO protected site, within walking distance of Diocletian’s Palace, a Split mega-landmark. Saturday, early morning, we make our way to Marina to begin provisioning and doing the Adriatic Sea/boat familiarization orientation, hopefully casting off mid-afternoon Saturday.
We’ll see how it goes!

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  1. Martin, this blog looks super cool! I'm looking so forward to reading about your sailing trip!